Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Midwest Record

Time Stands Still

Welsh park ranger by day, sensitive acoustic guitarist by night, this dude’s day job certainly gives him the space to be a sensitive guitarist as he’s surrounded by a lot of nature and probably a lot of solitude if “Local Hero” gave us any indication and things haven’t changed much. A nice look back at simplicity and elegance meeting at the vortex and making pure music that easily touches you. A very winning debut.

Path of Compassion

A career retrospective of new age from Hawaii with two new tracks for this collection. Tastefully programmed for use in healing arts or just pure listening as a world beat inspired set, this is a well conceived outing that nicely touches the heart and opens the ears. What’s even better, this isn’t just girl friend music.

Round River

For all the musicians that have claimed to pull music from nature, Howe puts them all to shame. A Welsh park ranger that really does find music in nature and nature in music, draws on myths and spirits to power this set that once gain shows how deep his soul is touched by nature. Proving that his debut was no flash in the pan, this is an NAC guitarist that has chops and soul to spare and seems to be able to pull inspiration from a very deep well. This is must hearing for any serious acoustic guitar fan that wants nothing less than the real deal.

Pyramid Call

Oddly enough, the last time we really heard anything being inspired by the pyramids, Paul Horn was at the wheel and he was playing some of the same instruments as Siebert and doing it along the same lines as Siebert but there wasn’t new age as a movement back then and Horn began getting confused in the public eye with Paul Winter who was making the same kind of sounds with a nature feel. Jazz, new age, spiritual, whatever, classy adult listening by players that know their stuff never goes out of style — it exists outside the margins in the first place.

Gentle Spirit

Back after too long away from his fans, Koch is re-energized but not straying too far from the field that made him such a hit with his fans. Knowing how to work the relaxing side of new age to the fullest, these melodic tapestries and filigrees are just what you need to hear in a world gone upside down. Living up to its title handily, this is a soothing set of non-muzak that will always be welcome.


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