Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

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Always Near - A Romantic Collection

Always Near - A Romantic Collection by Kevin Kern

Tender piano is the domain of Kevin Kern. His musical style is romantic, intimate and beautifully tranquil — a trio of characteristics that ensures his soft strains are a certain mood-enhancer when you are planning some alone time with that special someone. Or, for that matter, some alone time for yourself. Indulge in sweet serenity with Kern's Always Near, a romantic collection of favorites from his many albums. Most of these songs are performed on solo piano, with some light synthesizer enhancement and strings on a few of the tracks.

Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes

Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes by Liquid Mind

Liquid Mind's Chuck Wild keeps finding more and more ways to increase the serenity of his flowing synthscapes! On Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes he revisits some of his favorite tracks from previous albums, this time mixing with his music the cleansing, healing and comforting sounds of the rain and ocean. Occasionally, you might detect some subtle bird chatter or a distant rumble of thunder. The nature sounds really do add a wonderful new dimension to the mixes. They make the music feel more full and complex, while enhancing the tranquility level by a great deal.


Hypnosis by Thierry David

Thierry David returns with another musical endeavor that simultaneously expands the mind and soothes the soul. Hypnosis is ambient in style, with free-flowing synths, loops of sound and reverberated rhythms that are joined to create a serene, hallucinatory atmosphere. Keyboard tones trickle like drops of water amidst dreamy layers of synthesized mood and subtle percussion, while trippy techno effects blend and twist in the backdrop. Besides the musical elements, David also utilizes subliminal echoes and rhythmic patterns to add to the entrancing effect.



Given Real Music’s affinity for music that resides on the tranquil side of the spectrum, most of the artists on their label are naturally ideal for the spa atmosphere and relaxation practices. The label has decided to revisit their 2001 “Sacred Spa” compilation series with a new set of gentle pieces of music for the softer side of life. Contentment features music designed to help the listener let go of stress and worry, while filling the space left in its wake with a sense of letting go and feeling content with life.


Much like the fictional wizard that shares his namesake, Gandalf (Austrian composer/musician Heinz Strobl) is an artist capable of weaving magic. Though in Strobl’s case, it is through his beautiful, whimsical melodies. Dreamweaver, Gandalf's new 2013 endeavor, immerses the listener in a set of lovely compositions that are rich in diverse instrumentation and flowing moods, creating the perfect space for relaxation.


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