Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Music Design

Guitarra del Fuego

Those who like their flamenco music without fancy flourishes and heavy ethnic influences will find a lot to enjoy with Guitarra del Fuego from Johannes Linstead. Dubbed “nouveau flamanco,” the music has a sense of fluidity, never dispruptive or jagged, just smooth tropical melodies preformed in a very accessible, pleasing fashion. The tracks range from upbeat selections like “Mango,” and energetically charged mariachi florr-filler, to slower, mood-enchancing pieces like “Illusion,” whose bittersweet air seems perfect for a moonlight waltz.

More Than Words

More than Words is a wondrous collection of favorites from pianist Kevin Kern, derived from his five successful previous releases. Anyone familiar with the compositions of Kern knows he has a gift for being able to uplift. As such, these beauties are sure to bring a little tranquillity to one’s life and remain in their head long after the first listen. Included are “Above the Clouds,” his rendition of the Beatles’ “In My Life,” “Twilight’s Embrace” and two exquisite new tracks: “Out of the Darkness Into the Light” and “Children at Play.”

Element Series: Fire

The heat generated from Peter Kater’s Fire, from his bliss-inducing “Elements” series, is more of a steady burn than a blazing tourch. This is music that calls to mind the pale glow of candlelight, as you relax and sooth your weary muscles. Featuring the skilled playing of Grammy-nominated multi-instrumentalist Paul McCandless and violin master Ludvig Girland, Kater provides a very warm, peaceful environment for relaxation practices, meditation and healing work. The compositions are both gentle and spacious, with an acoustic flair that makes each feel very natural.

Sacred Healing Waters

German multi-instrumentalist Sayama (a.k.a. Richard Hiebinger) is a master of creating music for healing arts practices, especially those with a relaxing component like massage or Reiki. Sacred Healing Waters focuses on the therapeutic, rejuvenating qualities of water. The album offers an hour of flowing, cleansing pieces designed to ease the mind and body. The sounds of trickling water adorn each of the tracks on the album, adding a natural beauty to the work.

Sacred Healing Touch

Chi is the energy that flows through our bodies, giving us nourishment and vitality. Stress and blockages can disrupt chi flow, causing everything from feelings of sluggishness to illness. Sacred Healing Touch, from composer of healing arts music Sayama, is a serene, comforting album of natural-sounding music for use with massage, Reiki and other therapeutic practices. The music is very meditative in nature, comprised of koto, shakuhachi flute and temple bowls.


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