Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Music Design


Real Music’s Legends series was designed to pay homage to some of the ground-breaking new age artists of their label, who have helped shape the genre over the last decade or two. First on their agenda is Timeless, a collection of greatest hits by the dream-weaving duo 2002. With their ethereal arrangements, tender instrumentation (piano, guitar, harp, synth orchestration) and vocals which touch upon the overdubbing style on Enya, Pamela and Randy Copus have created a unique signature sound that has entranced listeners for nearly a decade.

The Sacred Well

At the heart of the universe is a sacred well fed by rivers of music and laughter and joy. Here love abounds and newly born songs are given freely to all who seek. That eternal source is inspiration for this collection of ethereal beauties from multi-instrumental/vocal duo 2002. Delicate strings and piano cascade over graceful acoustic guitars, flutes and harps, with sublime vocals that uplift the spirit and weave a soothing spell over the listener.

Healer of Hearts

For over 15 years, pianist Danny Wright has been touching people’s hearts with his evocative piano compositions. His music reflects an idealized life, where the sun always shines, hope springs eternal and love conquers all. Healer of the Hearts is a two disc retrospective that captures some of the most memorable moments of Wright’s career.

This Moment Now

This album is phenomenal!  This album is fantastic! This album is so amazingly wonderful, beautiful, peaceful and filled with a sense of serenity that at This Moment Now I am totally relaxed! It has been said that when looking to buy a new home, the key is location, location, location. For me, the key to finding the right recordings to distribute (or fill my very own collection) is music, melody and mood. 2002 provides the listener with all the right components, exquisite music and soothing melodies to put you in the proper mood.

Call of the Mystic

Calling all listeners... sit back, relax and prepare yourself to be enchanted by the sweet sounds of Karunesh. After relaxing at Nirvana Cafe... listeners can continue their journey with Call of the Mystic. Amazingly beautiful flute melodies, ambient synthesizer and soft percussive rhythms set the mood for pure enjoyment. It’s heavenly and mystical all in one.


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