Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Music Design

Shadow Mist & Light

Shadow, Mist & Light is fabulous! I love all of the added instrumentation and soft wordless vocals. Very pleasing to the ear. There is such beauty with all the different sounds mixed with Peter’s harp... this is absolutely breathtaking.

Element Series: Air

Air, from Peter Kater's gorgeous Elements series, focuses on music that is light, spacious and ethereal. Featuring the aid of Grammy-nominated instrumentalist Paul McCandless and flutist Richard Hardy, the music offers a sublime tapestry of soothing woodwinds, elegant piano and flowing synthesizer atmosphere. “Peaceful” would be the best word to describe the mood of this album; the music is so serene and uplifting that it will lull you into a state of complete comfort.

Relax: A Liquid Mind Experience

I've always enjoyed the Liquid Mind albums, they are great for providing backdrop when you're reading or relaxing because they are very non-obtrusive and incredibly serene. This album features some highlights from his last eight albums. When it comes to relaxing ambient music, few composers come close to the light, emotive sound of Chuck Wild and his "Liquid Mind" series. The music is not only incredibly soothing, but light as air, wrapping the listener in a blanket of flowing synthesizer and keyboard tones.

Tropical Meditation

Kind of like those old NorthSound music and nature records but better. One difference is that this music was inspired by Hawaii. Who ever wants their winter fun can keep it; give the rest of us Hawaii. With some real new age stars helping things along, the show piece hour long suite is something new and different for the label. Created over time in a studio with a great Hawaiian vista, it seems like the view charged up the players. If a set like this can’t ease the pain of a traffic jam, nothing can.

Stillness: A Collection

Stillness: A Collection is an absolutely breathtaking journey into the heart of Real Music's most peaceful musical offerings. These are songs that revel in gentle free-flowing ambience and slow, quiet instrumentation; perfect for those times when you want to be pampered with beauty. The compilation includes the tender piano playing of both Kenio Fuke and Peter Kater, Hilary Stagg's sublime electric harp, the otherworldly bliss of Frank Steiner Jr., and the dreamscapes of Liquid Mind.


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