Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Music Design

Liquid Mind VII: Reflection

Dancing keyboard tones, dense synthesizer atmospheres, dreamy ambiance…this can only mean one thing — a release from the maestro of moods, Chuck Wild. The seventh in his “Liquid Mind” series of utterly transfixing relaxation albums, Reflection presents a full hour of heavenly music that will surely fill your world with peace and tranquility.

Liquid Mind X - Meditation

The soft caress of Chuck Wild's music is a balm for the soul. With his “Liquid Mind” series, he offers listeners a chance to experience “life in the slow lane;” meaning, gentle music designed to create an atmosphere of peace and utmost calm. The essence of Liquid Mind’s sound is soft, billowing synthesizer ambience. It’s airy and uplifting, like the musical equivalent of heavenly clouds. It moves and evolves at an unhurried pace, providing a symphony of flowing tones, overdubbed vocalese and abstract melodies with a touch of flute poking in for structure.

Namasté Massage

I experienced for myself how this absolutely radiant CD truly is for relaxing one's stressed out body and it works! If you'd like to ask my massage therapist I'll connect you. (LOL) She agreed ... this CD delivers music on a very even level and doesn't have tracks with heavy varying rhythms, making her flow during a massage very seamless. I love the variety of artists performing on this CD which include 2002, Zeus Faber, Liquid Mind, Thierry David, Karunesh, Kenio Fuke, Kevin Kern, Omar Akram and guitarist Mike Howe.

Round River

The second release on Real Music for British acoustic guitarist Mike Howe, Round River was inspired by the ‘circle of life’ philosophy put forth by ecologist Aldo Leopold, who believed that life was like a circular river and all plants and animals play a role in allowing nature to flow in harmony. This music has a feeling of pleasant solitude; it’s not hard to imagine walking down the sandy shore of a quiet beach as rays of sun poke through over-cast clouds — clearly, the organic influences of Leopold color the composition work, as well.

Gentle Spirit

Bernward Koch creates music that is soft, lulling and pleasing, filled with imagination-sparking melodies inspired by the natural world. His instrument of choice is the piano, which takes the clear center stage on the lush Gentle Spirit, alongside light (occasional) percussion, flute, keyboards and ambience. The compositions call to mind lazy afternoons relaxing in the sunshine.


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