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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Music Design

Quiescence: A World at Peace by Amberfern

Soft and lulling, these instrumental pieces offer a blend of keyboards, flutes, piano, guitar and subtle drum beats. It's an album that travels the world, interweaving elements from different musical cultures, while maintaining a smooth, blended sound. For example, "Bedouin Sunrise" has a subtle Turkish flair, noted through the use of breathy flutes and shimmering lute strumming, or "Dharamsala," which is rooted in the sounds of the Far East. From English country gardens to the plains of Africa, Amberfern is both exotic and soothing.

Enchanted Piano

The beauty of Kevin Kern’s piano playing has touched the hearts of listeners worldwide, as he serenades and sweeps them up in the melodious bliss. With Enchanted Piano, he pairs back his musical arrangements to the basics — just Kern and his piano without accompaniment. Enchanted Piano features a collection of the Steinway artist’s fan favorite melodies from his many releases on Real Music. In each case, listeners are romanced with sweet melodies that echo with emotions of love, happiness, longing and wistfulness.

Echoes of Love

The music of Omar Akram is a marriage of passion and grace, of adventure and relaxation, of beauty and raw earthiness. He crafts soundscapes that capture the peaceful nature of relaxing in the backyard on a lazy afternoon. Yet, within those compositions is the spark of a daydream; a fantasy of traveling along the Mediterranean coast, exploring its towns and countryside treasures. With this new album for Real Music, newlywed Akram contemplates the nature of love with a collection of twelve songs set in his characteristic style.

Distant Horizons: Mediterranean

With his second release for Real Music, Amberfern travels beyond the borders of his local greenery to the aquamarine grandeur of the coasts of Europe. The warm strumming of the Spanish guitar lies at the heart of this recording, while Turkish ney flute, tambourines, oud and djembe give the music a shimmering Arabian flair. Throw in some piano, wooden flute, fretless bass and synthesizers and you have an album that effectively captures many of the musical colors of the Mediterranean region.


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