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NeuFutur Magazine

Relaxing Melodies of Nature

“Song For Kiara” is the first track on Relaxing Melodies of Nature, and the resulting effort immediately tattoos Fuke’s inimitable style onto the minds and hearts of anyone fortunate enough to listen in. “Summer’s Love” takes a slower pace, adding a deeper, more deliberate sound to what listeners expect from Fuke. It is during Infinite Love where the disc moves to the next plateau; the track gains a little speed as the arrangements continue to wash over listeners. Little more is needed to create a fulfilling track than the piano and a little bit of atmospheric elements.

Silent Star

Silent Star begins with “The New Day,” a somber and serene track that sails on the waves of Koch’s immaculate piano playing. No vocals are needed to make this track properly soar – there is a narrative that weaves itself through all facets of this track. “Softly Awakening” continues many of the same trends that were originally created in “The New Day,” but Koch twists the overall sound to play in a much lighter format. During “Softly Awakening,” listeners have to hear the balance between loud and soft; what results here is something decidedly larger than the sum of its parts.

Quiescence: A World at Peace by Amberfern

There sheer amount of time that Amberfern gives the different tracks on Quiescence is intriguing; with a number of the album’s cuts clocking in at the six or seven minute mark, one wonders before the CD begins whether listeners’ interests can be sated. It may take a few minutes of the album’s first track, “Misty Harbor,” but listeners will rapidly understand the unique and mature compositions as they truly are. During the aforementioned “Misty Harbor,” a panoply of different styles and influences issue out.

Enlightened Love

Enlightened Love can be enjoyed if an individual is doing housework or meditating, but I believe that to truly get the essence of the album, listeners have to provide total focus to the strains and compositions that are provided here. There is just so much nuance and complexity present to a track like the opening “Eastern Sun” that would simply be missed if listeners were not solely focused on the disc.

Enchanted Piano

“Pastel Reflections” is a delicate track that immediately invites listeners in to Kern’s inimitable style. With each composition building with craftsman-like precision, listeners will be touched. There needs to be nothing more than Kern’s piano to create a richness of sound that emanates through rooms. Kern’s greatest strength on Enchanted Piano is in the arrangements. Each of the album’s cuts works well as an isolated track, but they provide ample linkages to other tracks on Enchanted Piano.


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