Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

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Freedom to Love

This CD was designed specifically for relaxation and healing, and includes music from artists such as Karunesh, 2002, and Kevin Kern. It could be used in the massage room, to accompany a quick steam in the sauna, or during a private aroma therapeutic session. Indeed, this soothing, dreamlike album is a compilation of piano, flute, and string sounds that could lull the fussiest baby to sleep or relax the tightest muscle; it delivers as promised, and much more. In fact, this music might find a place at home or in the office as readily as at the spa for which it was intended.


Namasté Massage

Real Music continues to be among the best New Age labels currently in business, and this compilation makes that abundantly clear. Meant as an accompaniment to massage, the music is diverse enough to serve better as a primer for the entire genre if you have some customers who are newbies. Many of the New Age genre’s various musical styles are exemplified by artists such as Thierry David, Mike Howe, Omar Akram, Kevin Kern, Liquid Mind, and Karunesh. Piano, flute, guitar, percussion, sitar, and keyboards all take a turn in the spotlight.

Liquid Mind VII: Reflection

Chuck Wild is back with Liquid Mind VII: Reflection, another collection of soothing ambient synth sounds to satisfy his audience.  It is hard for me to believe Wild started recording as Liquid Mind a whole decade ago, pursuing such themes as unity, serenity, spirit, balance, slowing down, and ambience. 

Liquid Mind III: Balance

Singling out one of Chuck Wild’s recordings as essential seems an exercise in futility, but Balance may represent Wild at his pinnacle. The first track “Lullaby for Grownups” may be one of the beautiful songs ever recorded in the New Age music genre. The album as a whole is a sonic featherbed — a soft, sensitive caress to ease the listener’s mind. If you have any customers who have never sampled the relaxation and healing qualities of this master electronic artist, Balance is the ideal place for them to start.


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