Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Nebula by the Haiku Project

There are many words of color and description that could be used to describe the utter brilliance of Henrik Hytteballe’s (aka: The Haiku Project) compositions. I was last entranced by his work on the album Glimpses, and here, on Nebula, he does so again. On this latest release, Hytteballe employs the ethereal vocals of Sarah Grabow, and in doing so manifests into our reality one of the finest new age albums of the year.


Breathe by Carl Borden

Once in a while an album comes into your life that just blows you away. This can be said for the latest release from Carl Borden entitled Breathe.
Borden’s efforts are seated in the classic new age era of music and one can, with utter bliss, float on the ambiance created by this superb release. Listen to the opening track “I Lift My Hands” and enjoy its mellow, deeply respectful and ambient keyboards. This journey is going to be filled with calm and peace all along the way.

Touched by Love

Touched by Love by Bernward Koch

Now here is a man who has had an expansive career. His first album was released back in 1989 and today we celebrate with Bernward Koch, a musical journey that has led us to 2016, with some of the most beautiful and pleasant sounding moments on the piano and keyboards you would ever wish to hear.

This collection of Bernward Koch goodies starts with a couple of tracks from what I like to call the golden years of New Age music, and a stunning reminder of class and beauty with the lush Walking through Clouds and emotive Touched by Love.

Celtic Skies

Celtic Skies by Eamonn Karran

I have known Eamonn musically for a few years, and now that the Irish artist has joined the Real Music label he has really upped his game. On Celtic Skies Karran has gone right back to his roots. Celtic Skies is a slice of real quality. Take a listen to “Irish Skies” with Erin Kelly on vocals. Here we are gifted a track that not only has true emotion, but a real passionate love for the homeland built into the arrangement, and Karran’s delicacy on the piano is so deeply moving.

Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep

Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep

I remember many years past being told about Liquid Mind and the magic at the hands of a certain Chuck Wild. Now I sit here listening to the latest release full in the knowledge that Wild, as they say, has still got it!
Liquid Mind XI: Deep Sleep is an album that will aid you to do just that, it floats majestically around you like a peaceful cloud of great calm. Listen to the opening track called “Night Whispers” and allow it to soak you with its charms. I found this track very moving and at times deeply emotional.


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