Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Wave Hands Like Clouds

Wave Hands is designed as background music for folks into t’ai chi, qi gong, or other types of meditation. Very gentle Chinese melodies will wash over your mind and heart, sometimes it blends so delicately into the ether than you’re barely aware of it. The instruments, strings, flutes, etc., sound pretty authentic. My fave tracks are “Waterplay,” “Buddha Arrives,” and “Inside the Heart.”...Siebert composed and performed the music himself; it’s not going to inspire you to clean your house, but I would say for the most part he fulfills his meditative mission.

Colors of a New Dawn

Stoking the flame with guitars, keyboards, sax, and more, Gandalf plays new age melodies that thanks to some lush and sparkling orchestration have a little extra wizardry than this same material might find in less experienced hands. Most everything has a synth pad background, and he does a nice job integrating guitars and keys together. The music is meant to evoke thoughts and hopes of nature, love, spirituality, and just having a bit of faith in yourself. Some of this sounds very “typical” but much of it really shines and soars.

Comfort Music 2

This compilation album explores a selection from ten years of recordings by Back To Earth. With a slogan of “too much comfort is never enough,” it’s a CD that’s full of lush backdrops, while keys, winds, strings, and guitars play melodies to sooth the soul. You can even crank this and get enveloped in a rain forest of long lush synthesized chords. Think, as in the case of “Children of Hope,” Enya. “In Search Of The White Shadow,” ends the CD nicely on a soothing piano tune. There’s floating instrumentals throughout. This one has charted on the New Age, Ambient, and World Music top 100.


Sanctuary continues in Gandalf's usual musical tradition… i.e. I like this a lot, but he’s not doing anything particularly new… on the other hand, why mess with success? What sets him apart from many New Age composers and performers is his lush orchestrations and that he’ll change up his leads… i.e. one song focuses on guitar, another on piano, another is more sitar-oriented, etc.

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