Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit


Chuck Wild returns with his ninth solo album Lullaby which released under the Liquid Mind name. His music as usual is very gentle and you easily fly away on its weightless waves that land where you are happy and surrounded by your loved ones. You see your father and mother again and their faces look so young and happy. You are plunged into their love and you just want to stay there for a long time.


This is the time when the magic returns. Gandalf creates a perfect sanctuary where you can escape from your everyday anxieties and easily stay alone with your own essence. You can recover your soul from sorrows and disappointments of the surrounding world. You can fill your heart by that love which is contained in Gandalf’s music. It is an endless ocean of joy and light. Gandalf masterfully plays on various instruments. His firm sound cannot be compared with anything. But especially I like his expressive guitar.

Earthsong & Stardance

The true master of new age music Gandalf returns with a new album Earthsong & Stardance, released by the renowned label Real Music. This album is the epic symphony celebrating the variety and beauty of the whole universe. The Corso Wien Orchestra, with their subtle classical approach, and Sanskrit choir which beautifully sings in one of the oldest languages of mankind, helps the artist to create the polyphonic sound which goes in many dimensions.

Relaxing Melodies of Nature

What can be more restful than to lie down on the soft grass and listen to the rustle of leaves and songs of the distant birds? What can be more natural than to stay under a starry sky and feel yourself as an inseparable part of existence? And then your heart will be filled with infinite love and you will be able to share it without thinking with the others. The music of Kenio Fuke is overfilled with a love for Nature. His piano is very heartfelt and positive. The artist masterfully adds various nature sounds and soft orchestration to his compositions.

Silent Star

This music comes into your room easily on the weightless wings of aerial harmonies. It drops on you like a warm shower and it is very comfortable to be with these divine melodies. They refresh your soul and arouse very deep and innermost emotions in your heart because the music of Bernward Koch is very natural. It brings your mind into a state of clarity and tranquility. You just want to fly with this music and your flight becomes higher and higher until it seems that soon you will be able to reach the stars shining on the pure blue sky.

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