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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

Solo Piano Publications

Do You Live, Do You Love

Danny Wright’s newest release brings the listener smooth and soothing piano music to calm and refresh. Even more tranquil than Soul Mates, Do You Live, Do You Love delivers piano serenity with sweet and gentle melodies that float in the air like the lightest of breezes. I usually find it impossible to keep music in the background, but something about this album keeps if from being intrusive in any way.

Pure Joy

Russel Walder’s debut on Real Music is a wonderful surprise from many angles. Half of the very successful team of Ira Stein and Russel Walder, the piano/oboe duo had two hits on Windham Hill in the 80’s and a release on Narada’s Sonia Gaia label in 1990. They then parted ways, and pianist Ira Stein formed his trio. I hadn’t seen anything more about Russel Walder until this new release, Pure Joy. Oboe as the principal instrument sounded like it could be kind of awful, but it is instead rather awesome!

More Than Words

More Than Words is an enchanting "best of" collection from Kevin Kern's five previous albums and includes two new pieces. My only argument with the selection of the fourteen tracks is the inclusion of both of the cover tunes Kern had on his "In My Life" album over any of his original work from that album. Both "In My Life" and "We All Fall in Love Sometimes" are great arrangements, but there was some beautiful original work on that album, too, and none of those pieces were included.

The Winding Path

As a long-time fan of Kevin Kern’s music, I’m excited to say that I serendipitous equipment failure just prior to the recording sessions, this album is much more acoustic than previous albums and the “canned” strings are all but gone. Kern recorded this album on an amazing Hamburg Steinway that he refers to as “God’s own piano,” and his passion for this instrument sings through on each piece.

Opal Fire

I LOVE THIS ALBUM! I first heard Omar’s music on the Real Music compilation Freedom to Love, and his track, “Last Dance,” was my favorite on that album. I was really looking forward to Omar’s debut CD, and it is even better than I was hoping! A classically-trained pianist with an international upbringing (he is the son of a UN diplomat), Omar mixes acoustic piano with synthesized orchestrations, creating a sparkling musical palette with colors from all over the world.


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