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Real Music Corporate LogoVisionary new age music for nourishing and rejuvenating body, mind and spirit

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The One Man Band Exemplified

Forgotten Road by Eamonn Karran

I am a musical traveler of sorts, so when I read the title of Eamonn Karran’s latest release, Forgotten Road, I was intrigued. The cover art suggests that if I walk through the trees, down this dusty road, letting the afternoon sun be my guide, adventure will be waiting around the corner. I could not resist and I made the journey. I am glad I did. In deference to Robert Frost and the Road Less Traveled, adventure was there!


Hypnosis by Thierry David

When I count to ten…
I have listened to and enjoyed many Thierry David albums before, but this is my first review. His New Age, electronic music is singular and so unique that I had a difficult time giving it interpretation. Yes, it is that remarkable.  I put all the albums I had into the player to look for a common bond and found it easy to discover. Thierry David’s music is placid, flowing, and highly rhythmic. His latest release Hypnosis is all that and much, much more. Think onomatopoeic. On this album, David pays piano, synthesizer, and does the programming.

Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes

Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes by Liquid Mind

The Fluidity of Sound
Liquid Mind’s latest album, Relaxing Rain & Ocean Mixes is truly therapy on a disc. Liquid Mind is the brainchild of Chuck Wild who has been providing extraordinary music to sooth the savage breast for over twenty years, but his career is much more far reaching. There is clinical evidence that shows Liquid Mind music relaxes, helps reduces stress and calms the spirit. His beatless atmospherics allow the music to flow and envelop the listener as they shape their own healing world. You cannot ask more from music that is also very entertaining.

Elements Series: Etheria

Elements Series: Etheria

In 2009 I happily reviewed the first four albums of ten-time Grammy Nominated pianist and composer Peter Kater's Element Series, Air, Earth, Fire and Water and now, five years later, the quintessential finale, Etheria. The seven track recording not only lives up to its name as a collection of otherworldly atmospheric experiences, but also goes beyond the corporeal, allowing the mind to be free and open to daydream. More importantly, it allows the spirit a means of escape, a commodity more precious than gold.


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