Frank Steiner, Jr.

Frank Steiner, Jr. was born in Freiburg, Germany in 1966, where he grew up to study classical piano, trumpet and music theory. After experimenting with numerous musical projects and playing with a wide variety of groups, Steiner founded his own jazz-rock group, but now focuses primarily on composing.

In 1990, Steiner met Ulrich Gitschier, a producer and studio owner in South Germany, with whom he became friend and collaborator. From Gitschier he learned the backgrounds of Far Eastern religions, cultural roots and music. Steiner was fascinated with his newfound knowledge, especially Indian and Chinese music, and began to compose works with these ethnic influences.

The degree to which Steiner was able to absorb the wisdom of the 5,000-year-old text of the I Ching is evident in I Ching Symphony. Steiner worked with musicians playing both acoustic and electronic instruments during this recording, giving the piece both a traditional and contemporary feeling and one in harmony with the contemplative nature of the ancient oracle.

Frank Steiner, Jr. also composed and recorded the albums Touching Silk, Into Forever, and Momentum.

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