As you listen to Gandalf’s music, you know exactly why this “painter of musical landscapes” chose his name, years before J.R.R. Tolkien’s cult-epic Lord of the Rings captivated filmgoers around the world. Austrian by birth, Gandalf has traveled widely through Europe, North and South America, and Asia. His goal in composing and recording is to create music that dissolves boundaries.

Gandalf’s compositions are inspired by the beauty of nature and the mythic wisdom of various cultures. He tells sound stories and describes moods and magical moments that point to a deeper reality behind the scenes of this fast-paced modern world. His music is intimate, tender, and always heart-opening. As we relax and lose ourselves in the listening, the music takes us on a journey to a protected secret area, the Sanctuary of our heart.

The artist himself would describe his music as “Earthsong and Stardance,” which is the title of one of his albums.

His works are often based on piano and acoustic guitar, but Gandalf also plays a variety of other instruments like sitar, saz, bouzouki, mandola, electric guitars, balaphon and various percussion. He blends acoustic with electronic soundscapes and weaves folk-elements into symphonic structures to create his unmistakable and unique style.

Since the beginning of his career in the early Eighties, Gandalf has released numerous albums, including compositions for a whole symphony-orchestra (“Symphonic Landscapes”) as well as soundtracks for theatre and film. Among other international artists, he worked with former Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett.

Albums by artist

Between Earth and Sky
Colors of a New Dawn
Sacred River
Lotus Land
Earthsong & Stardance
All Is One One Is All